Therapy For Anxiety In Hull

Therapy For Anxiety

Our therapy is designed to combat your anxiety, stress and panic disorders using tried and tested therapy techniques and life coaching tips.
We have helped hundreds of people reduce their negative feelings and unhelpful thought patterns that feed your symptoms.
Our highly recommended and experienced therapists support you through any problem you bring to the sessions, no matter how small.
We have centres in Hull, Anlaby & Hedon so there is one easy to get to.
There are always plenty of available appointments for you during the day, evening or weekend so we can see you as soon as you like.
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Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorders
If you have any of the following symptoms in any combination you may be struggling with an anxiety disorder.
Poor Concentration
Persistent Worry
Low Attention
Need To Control
Wanting Assurance
Blank Mind
Mood Swings
Nervous & Tense
Excessive Sweating
Short Of Breath
Upset Stomach
Chest Pains
Clammy Hands
Dry Mouth
Rapid Heart Rate
Cannot Sit Still
Struggle To Stay Calm
Battling With Daily Life
Not Able To Relax
Normal Anxiety
Anxiety Disorder
Cycle Of Anxiety
Normal Anxiety
Anxiety is a mental and physical reaction in response to fear of a threat, or something going wrong in the future. This is also known as the "Fight or Flight" response.
Normal anxiety is helpful because it protects us against danger and focuses our attention on potential problems or issues.
Most of us are anxious about certain situations, such as being in debt or beginning a new job. These feelings should go away and this is normal.
Anxiety Disorder
Your experience body and mind changes during your "Flight or Fight" response to confront or flee from the danger.
For some, this response is more difficult to control and can be triggered too easily and often when there is no real threat to you. If your anxiety remains even when this is over the difficult situation may mean that your anxiety is a problem.
Luckily, while anxiety disorders can pose enormous challenges in a person's life, they are disorders that are eminently treatable. With proper care and therapy people who have anxiety disorders are able to lead productive, happy lives.
Cycle Of Anxiety
Anxiety disorder is getting worse because of the "Cycle Of Anxiety".
In order not to have to go through the uncomfortable symptoms of an Anxiety episode you avoid the situations that cause your fear.
By avoiding that situation you have a short term feeling of relief. Your Anxiety worsens as you understand avoidance makes the feeling of relief stronger and therefore you are more anxious that you have to avoid it. The cycle continues.
Long Term Effects Of Anxiety
If you don't treat your anxiety disorder you may suffer long term effects such as:
Drug Abuse
Difficult At Work
Social Isolation
Memory Problems
Gastrointestinal Disorders
Lowered Immune System
Suicidal Thoughts
Mental Health Disorders
Coping With An Anxiety Attack
Anxiety Attacks are scary but when you do have one practicing the following techniques will help:
Focus On A Nice Sound
Smell Something
Take A Deep Breath
Count Backwards Slowly
Have A Shower
Do Some Colouring-in
Sing A Song
Listen To Relaxing Music
Visualise A Safe Place
Have A Drink
Call A Friend
Start Slow Breathing
Relax Your Muscles
Look At Something Near
Suck A Mint

Just finished my 6 sessions and would have to say with the help from Heidi I have seen a vast improvement with my particular problem. Thank you so much and can't recommend A New Beginning Therapies enough.

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How Did It Start?
We don't know exactly what causes an anxiety disorder to start but it is understood to be a combination of risk factors including:
 Historic Trauma & Abuse
 Personality Type
 Copying Parental Behaviour
 Stressful Events
 Poor Health
 Caffeine & Alchohol
 Fear Of Losing Control
 Illegal Drugs
 Life Experiences
 Caffeine & Alchohol
 Illegal Drugs
 Medical Factors
This Therapy Helps:
 Generalised Anxiety
 Anxiety & Panic Attacks
 Social Anxiety
 Work Anxiety
 Financial Anxiety
 Health Anxiety
 Performance Anxiety
 Separation Anxiety