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Fears & Phobias Counselling & Therapy

Having a phobia or fear about a particular thing can pose enormous challenges.

Just hearing the word or seeing a picture can create intense anxiety, and all rational reasoning goes out of the window.

How We Can Help

Even though your life may be turned upside down with fear it is something that can be managed with our counselling & therapy for phobias and fears.
Together with our highly recommended and experienced therapists you will help you identify the ideas, beliefs and behaviours associated with your phobias and fears, and focus on ways of modifying them and practical strategies of managing the symptoms.
We will support you through any problem you bring to the sessions, no matter how small.

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There are always plenty of available appointments for you during the day, evening or weekend so we can see you as soon as you like.
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Common Phobias

Common Phobias

Having a phobia about a particular thing that is feared, can turn the persons life upside down as just hearing the word...

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Facing up to Phobias

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