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How To Suggest Therapy To Your Partner

Although therapy can help many relationships, it is very often the case that getting your partner to see a professional therapist can be hard. In fact as soon as you suggest it to your partner, they become defensive.

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Relationship Problems

Causes Of Relationship Problems

Although once in a good relationship with very few arguments, many people find themselves struggling with relationship problems after a few years. Here are the most common reasons people need help from us:

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When Your Ex Has Found Someone New

When Your Ex Has Found Someone Else

I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago, it was a painful breakup as he was cheating on me. I’m still trying to get over him, but I’m angry & hurt. I saw him out last week with this new girlfriend, they looked so happy.

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Revive Your Relationship

When you first begin a relationship of course it’s all wonderful & exciting as you get to know each other and start to fall in love. You want to get to know them more & can’t wait to see them.

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