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Sort Out Your Stressors

When your life gets busy and you’re trying to juggle a job, children, friends, family and the endless tasks on your list, you will undoubtedly start to feel very stressed and unable to cope.

If you continue the way you’re going though, you will become even more stressed, burnt out and ill.

Lots of things cause stress but identifying the ‘what’ will help you decide if you need to lessen or let go of these stressors to help you bring some calm into your life.

Start by making a list of everything that causes you stress. See if there is a way you can lessen this or eliminate if from your life completely. Do you really need to hang out with that so-called friend who puts you down, can you find a way to say no to working late again this week, can you delegate the chores more at home.

Working with a therapist or life coach will help you become more confident in saying no the stressors.