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Signs Of Obsessions & Compulsions

Signs Of Obsessions & Compulsions

A child suffering with obsessions tend to obsess about things that are important to them. For example kind and caring children are more likely to have upsetting, violent thoughts whereas health oriented children might have intrusive thoughts about being contaminated.
Although there are not always compulsions & rituals associated with obsessive behaviour, children that do have them do so to control their worries and avert perceived danger. OCD sufferers will carry them out over and over, in a very specific way until the ritual has been done ‘just right’.
Obsessions, compulsions & rituals may include:

  • always washing hands
  • excessive showering
  • excessive tooth brushing
  • repeated cleaning
  • constantly washing household items such as food and other areas
  • always checking locks, oven, hob, bath etc.
  • excessive checking electrical and gas appliances
  • excessive checking things associated with safety
  • repeating routine activities such as picking something up
  • repeating actions such as opening a door or checking a door handle
  • having rigid rules to the placement of furniture, clothes etc.
  • applying patterns to objects, books and other items
  • touching or tapping a set number of times
  • moving in a particular way
  • fear of contamination
  • hoarding
  • aggressive impulses
  • persistent sexual thoughts
  • mental images of hurting to others or someone you love
  • thoughts that you might be harmed
  • thoughts of hurting themselves or other people
  • constant counting
  • arranging items to face a certain way