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angry situation

Manage An Angry Situation

Anger is an emotional response that can be learned to be controlled in order for you react to situations in a more appropriate manner. Here are some ways to help manage situations in which you may get angry: Recognise you are getting angry Learn your body's early warning signals, sensations, and reactions. Stop Before you respond right away, give yourself some time. Consider Consider the situation you find yourself in as well as your current level of rage. Listen Recognise the tone being used by the other parties as you pay attention to what they say. Look Look at their demeanour and body language. Examine the consequences Consider the effects that an angry response to the circumstance will have. Choose a course of action Are you calm enough to engage them in conversation or should you walk away. Take a break To calm down, leave the scene and take a walk. Communicate with them Clarify your understanding of what they are saying while attempting to understand their perspective. Talk with others Ask your friends and family for guidance and talk things over with them. Keep a diary Record your emotions, sensations in your body, circumstances and the causes of your anger for each situation.