A New Beginning is committed to providing a high quality service & experience. At times, however, you may feel the need to raise a complaint.

Should you wish to raise a complaint, please complete the below Complaints Form.

We will investigate your complaint and consider the appropriate actions. We will personally address your concerns and contact you by telephone or message within 7 working days of receiving the form to help you reach a satisfactory resolution to the concerns that you have raised.

Clients are expected to treat all Therapists and members of staff with respect. Clients who threaten, abuse or mistreat Therapists or members of staff either verbally, in writing or physically will not be tolerated and will have their complaint rejected.

Complaints will only be considered valid if they relate to the following:
• The actions of a member of staff or Therapist
• The conduct of a member of staff or Therapist
• The services offered by A New Beginning Therapies.

By taking the action to communicate to us a complaint by any means, you agree that A New Beginning Therapies can process information it contains for all the purposes relating to the Appeal and Complaints procedure. Information will be stored and processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). It may be disclosed to other members of A New Beginning Therapies or subcontracting Therapists who have a need to see it and will be stored as part of your information.