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Hi, I’m Mandi, a highly respected & highly qualified Therapist & Life Coach with over 20 years experience.
I can help you achieve your goal of a changed, happier, more fulfilled life.
Together we work towards positive change with me supporting & guiding you through motivating-charged sessions.
I also work for ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show as a Aftercare Therapist & Life Coach.
Just call me on 07717 210 969, live chat or fill out a form to talk about how we can achieve your goals.
  • Fulfill Your True Potential
  • Push Yourself Beyond What You Thought Possible
  • Start To Move In The Right Direction, Faster
  • Reduce Stress And Frustration
  • Life Techniques You'd Never Have Thought Of
  • Lessons and Insights To Inspire You

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About Me
Hi, I'm Mandi.
I begun my life, the youngest of 4 children living on a housing estate and growing up happy and loved but not knowing where my life would lead. I had no great ambitions, I just wanted to do well in life, have a job, a family and live happily. I did achieve all of that, I’m in a lovely relationship and a 21 year old son to be proud of. Job-wise I started off as office junior, working my way up to Director & Professors, P.A., but I knew that was all I would do in life if I stayed doing that. I started to want something more… and so my ‘better life’ began. I worked out what I did best, what I enjoyed and opened myself up to a new challenges and changes.
Over 6 years I trained to become a Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Life Coach, gaining other professional qualifications in CBT, NLP. Psychology, Couples Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Anger Management, Eating Disorders, OCT, Supervision and Hypnotherapy. I have been a long standing member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy), The Life Coaching Directory and Hypnotherapy Register. Over 8 years ago I also proudly joined the Aftercare Team of ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show.
I have been in private practice for 15 years and helped hundreds of young people, couples and individuals explore their problems, realise their dreams, set their goals and help empower them to make changes in their lives to achieve them and to feel happier and fulfilled, living the kind of life they’ve always dreamed of.