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Help Someone With An Eating Disorder

Helping Someone With An Eating Disorder

Although professional therapy has been found to be very effective, there are also things you can do to help a loved one with an eating disorder.

– Offer loving, unconditional support.
– Tell them you think they deserve to be happy in life.
– Advocate happiness is what is on the inside, not outside.
– Don’t blame yourself.
– Expect setbacks on the road to recovery.
– Always stand by them through self-destructive periods.
– Focus on positive things not negative worries.
– Promote a neutral view of all food types.
– Do not judge them.
– Always keep lines of communication open with them so they know you are there.
– Understand their eating disorder is not one of choice.
– Make them feel safe in their surroundings.
– Have a positive body image of yourself.
– Talk about yourself with respect.
– Never comment on their appearance, body or weights. At all.
– Encourage not criticise.
– Learn the facts about eating disorders.
– Understand the relationship between mental health issues and eating disorders.
– Teach them to view social media in a true, critical light.

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