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Friction in the Family

Friction in the Family

Living together as a family all under one roof 24/7 can sometimes be a struggle for many. Even though you may have your own room to go to for some space, go out to work or the kids go to school, you will all congregate together at some point, which means that space at home can now start to feel pretty tight.

As each family members often have different schedules, different likes & dislikes, they all have different personalities too. Parents who comes together to form a partnership to begin with, come from different families backgrounds & upbringings & so have different parenting styles, attitudes, beliefs, morals & principles.

Throw into the mix their children, those tantrum toddlers, moody teens, ageing grand-parents, step-parents, step-children & ex-parents, then quite possibly you’ve now got a recipe for a family tornado when problems arise.

Some families are able to deal with problems by talking things through, laying down ground rules & boundaries & dealing with any rising emotions firmly. That sounds like an ideal family life and sadly many families are not able to deal with such problems that smoothly. There may be raised voices, tears & tantrums and everyone seems to be shouting to be heard, with no real resolution. The family may be at breaking point, and because there are stresses coming from every angle, nobody will be able to think of how to resolve this & every effort never seems to work.

Enter family therapy. Right now quite possibly your best friend. Sessions are set in a comfortable, relaxed environment & the Therapists are always qualified, experienced & friendly, all ready to put you at ease the moment you walk through the door. Each family member, that is involved in the problem, can attend & everyone gets a chance to talk while the others listen as you explore difficult feelings that accompany the problems in the family. The problems can be worked through, compromises & goals reached, communication improved, boundaries set & relationships built back up.

All families go through difficult times, but there are more positive ways to make those difficulties bearable & manageable. Keep talking, find ways to fix the problems & you’ll soon be proud to be part of your family again.

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