How can therapy help?
What approach of therapy do you provide?
How quickly can I see a Therapist?
How do I book a free consultation?
Do I need a referal from my Doctor?
Can I book therapy for a friend or family member?
What times are available for therapy sessions?
What happens during a therapy session?
Are my sessions confidential?
Do I need to attend regular sessions?
How Many Sessions Will I Need?
Tell me about the therapist
What if I want to change my therapist?
Can I give you feedback?
What happens in my first session of therapy?
What happens in each sessions?
What happens at the end of a session?
Should I do anything between sessions?
Do you provide support between sessions?
Will the therapist judge me?
What if I get upset during the session?
How often can I have my sessions?
How do I change my appointment time?
What if I miss an appointment?
How can I tell if therapy is working?
What if I am unhappy with an aspect of my therapy?
When will I know I will be ready to leave therapy?