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When Your Ex Has Found Someone New

When Your Ex Has Found Someone Else

I broke up with my boyfriend a few months ago, it was a painful breakup as he was cheating on me. I’m still trying to get over him, but I’m angry & hurt. I saw him out last week with this new girlfriend, they looked so happy.

I’m heartbroken and can’t believe he’d be so callous as to have moved on so quickly. I’m really struggling to get over this, please help.

This is a very common problem that people contact us for. The one left behind struggles to cope with a whole range of emotions. They feel angry, hurt & betrayed and it may even take a while to trust again. The other person seems to have moved on altogether, showing no signs of remorse or guilt, which hurts even further.

Working through the breakup is a vital part of being able to recover after a breakup. By identifying the emotions connected with it, they are then able to be processed through the emotional system and not kept locked inside which could cause a build-up of resentment & anger which could well lead to depression, anxiety & low self esteem.

Accepting that the relationship is over, understanding that the ex has an ability to cheat & feel no remorse is worth thinking about too, who would want that in a partner? Working on self esteem, self confidence & empowerment will ensure that you are in a positive & happy place again to find a partner worthy of your love.

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