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Events That Trigger Grief

Events That Trigger Grief

Grief can be caused by many things both physical and emotional. Here is a list of some of this events in your life that can trigger the grieving process:

  •  Losing your financial security
  •  Change in living conditions
  •  Losing your job
  •  Loss of trust
  •  Starting retirement
  •  Changes in your long term health
  •  Changes in the health of a loved one
  •  New position at work
  •  Seperation & Divorce
  •  Loss of libido
  •  Death of a loved one
  •  Breakup of a friendship
  •  Pregnancy or having a baby
  •  Death of a pet
  •  Change in your way of life
  •  Falling out with family members
  •  Realising a personal goal is unattainable
  •  Children leaving home
  •  Changing your job
  •  Losing your home
  •  Changing schools or college
  •  Losing your business
  •  Personal injury
  •  Miscarriage
  •  Being Imprisoned