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Counselling For Students In School & College

We provide counselling and therapy for primary and secondary school pupils and further education college students of all ages.
Our service is designed to complement the strengths of the school system by offering additional personal support to students who the school feels will benefit from time spent with a qualified and accredited therapist.

Counselling In Schools

Who Is It For:

The confidential service is ideal for pupils with social, emotional or behavioural concerns to help their well-being and to make the most of their learning and social development during their educational years.

- Students who demonstrate emotional and behavioural difficulties
- Students who are withdrawn or isolated
- Students who are disruptive and disturbing
- Students who are hyperactive and lack concentration
- Students with immature social skills
- Students with complex special needs

Why Online?

- Away from the school environment & associated pressures and stigma
- Easy to access therapy, anytime from anywhere
- In comfortable & more relaxed surroundings so the student feels more open to talk
- Easily available to all students
- Via phone, tablet or computer
- A private & confidential setting
- One-to-one sessions
- Can include family member for group work such as bereavement or young children

Pricing Models To Suit

- Pay As You Go [per student, per 6 sessions]
- Discounts for block bookings

How Students Access Therapy

- The student is identified as needing to be helped by the school
- The school makes an initial assessment and decides if it is appropriate for the student to access our service
- The school contacts us and we get the student booked in
- A parent must grant permission for the student to access the therapy

Get In Touch

Highly recommended, over the years we have helped many children with their struggles in life. We support them with any problem they bring to the sessions, no matter how large or small. Simply call us on 01482 750405, or complete our online form, to book a FREE no obligation consultation.

The Therapists

  Highly Qualified   Fully Insured   Professional Body Member eg BACP   Works Within Ethical Guidelines   Fully Confidential   Experienced Working With Children   Child Protection & Legally Compliant   Enhanced Criminal DBS Checked