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Counselling For Children

How Counselling For Children Helps

Many children go through difficulties, either at home or school and can really struggle with their feelings about what is going on for them.
Trying to talk to someone can sometimes be difficult as they may think their problems are small and that nobody will understand how they’re feeling, so instead they carry on trying to deal with it themselves. This can only cause the problem to intensify, as these feelings won’t just go away on their own. Help is here.
Counselling with a trained & friendly Therapist can help your child talk through these problems in a safe & gentle manner. The sessions are pleasant & comfortable and away from their friends or family where they can explore how they’re feeling in confidence.
Each session is 1 hour long, though can be broken down into 30 minute sessions for younger children. During the session the Therapists can use toys such as lego, games, colouring or use worksheets, to help build up trust & to help your child to open up, to get to the root of the problem quickly, and then start to help them overcome whatever is troubling them.
All problems including sadness, confidence, shyness, anger, anxiety, stress, bullying, friendships, family break-up, school issues, bereavement, exams, self harming, eating disorders, OCD, ADHD, sexuality & other mental health & learning difficulties can all be helped with Counselling.