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Child Behaviour Therapy & Counselling In Hull

Most children can be occasionally demanding, naughty, impulsive or defiant. However, some children behave in a way that is a problem. This behaviour is often a manifestation of issues that can be helped. Please contact us right away if you feel your child is exhibiting behavioural problems. Simply call us on 01482 750405 or click here to book a callback for a free no obligation consultation with a qualified therapist.

Qualified, Registered & DBS Checked Therapists

All therapists are qualified and registered with a Professional Body such as BACP or NCS. They adhere to the relevant Service & Ethical Standards of their Professional Body and are DBS checked.

How We Can Help

Children with a range of behavioural issues in both their home and school lives can benefit from behaviour therapy to help them control their thoughts and actions, deal with struggles at school, and interactions with others.
The intention is to prevent those problems from persisting into adulthood and causing more serious repercussions. Our therapists can help them feel comfortable to talk about what they're going through and what is upsetting them.

Types Of Behaviour Problems

- Oppositional Defiant Disorder
- Conduct Disorder
- Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Signs Of Behavioural Problems

- Violence
- Getting angry
- Arguing
- Rule breaking
- Bullying
- Stealing
- Daydreaming
- Fidgeting
- Risk taking
- Phobias
- Worrying
- Panic attacks
- Low energy
- Self-harming
- Sleeping problems
- Being un-cooperative

Personalised Therapy

As all children are individual, each with different personality and characteristics, our counselling and therapy is tailored to their particular needs to help them explore and understand personal difficulties. We support your child with all problems they bring to the sessions, no matter how large or small.

Fast Appointments

With no waiting to get booked in, before you know you will be relaxed, talking with therapists about how you are feeling and on the way to living a happier life.
Sessions are available from 9am until 8pm at a convenient time to suit. You don’t even have to have the same appointments each week, as we offer flexible sessions too.

Easy To Get Booked In

It is very easy to get booked in! Simply call us direct on Hull 01482 534055, or complete our online booking form for a free consultation with a therapist.