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Change The Way You Think

Change The Way You Think

Change the way you think by imagining the way you think is being projected onto a movie screen. As you watch the movie being played out it can seem scary as you project the images you imagine from your thinking onto the screen each time.

So if for example, you are worried about meeting your partners family for the first time, you might worry that you will say something stupid & that they will find you silly & boring. As you project this image onto the screen, you will play it over and over in your mind, and your anxiety will increase as you ‘see’ yourself looking & feeling foolish.

When you enter into Therapy, the techniques that you are taught, mainly come from the models of CBT & NLP Therapies, and will help you change your thinking. It will be like having your own TV Remote in your hand, so that you can begin to change parts of this movie that causes you anxiety. You can change the brightness, volume & colour and there are also buttons to change the picture entirely.

You can change how you present yourself to the family, a nice smile, relaxed posture and being able to engage in confident chat with them. When you understand that what you believe in your head is just a movie, then you can stop believing it is true, and that only you can hold your own TV remote to change the picture to a more pleasant one.

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