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CBT To Stop Negative Thinking

How we feel about ourselves and the environment around us is controlled by our thoughts. Negative thoughts can depress our mood, positive thoughts make us feel better.

We don't always notice our thoughts since they happen so rapidly, but they still have an impact on how we feel. We refer to these as automatic thoughts and they are frequently unfavourable and unreasonable.

So if for example you’re about to go on a date, and you think to yourself they “they probably won’t like me”, the chances are you will have a disappointing date as you will come across un-confident & anxious, and this may effect how they view you.

Challenge Your Negative Thoughts:

We can raise our mood by recognising these unfavourable habitual thoughts and changing them with more positive ones.

Every time you have a negative thought, write it down and replace it with how you could have felt more positively. Notice how often you have these thoughts and just how they make you feel. For example:

Situation: Your performance at work has been criticised by your supervisor.
Negative Thought: Nothing I do is right.
Negative Emotion: Nervous and depressed.
Negative Behaviour: Avoiding your supervisor because you feel you will get into more trouble and you start to give subpar work.
Positive Rational Thought: I'll have to think of a better strategy and work harder for the next review.
Positive Rational Emotion: Disappointed but motivated.
Positive Rational Behaviour: You ask your supervisor for constructive feedback and suggestions on how to get better.

By using this CBT technique, it will help you bring these thoughts more to the conscious mind, you can then start learning how to change the thought, so that you will have a more positive life.

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