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CBT To Stop Negative Thinking

When you think negatively, this will effect how you feel and then how you behave.

So if for example you’re about to go on a date, and you think to yourself they “they probably won’t like me”, the chances are you will have a disappointing date as you will come across un-confident & anxious, and yes this may effect how they view you.

Negative thinking can hold you back in having a happy life.

Try making a note every day for a week every time you have a negative thought. Notice how often you have these thoughts and just how they make you feel.

By tracking & challenging your thinking, which is one of the CBT technique we offer our clients , it will help you bring these thoughts more to the conscious mind, you can then start learning how to change the thought, so that you will have more positive feelings which in turn will lead to positive behaviour.

Over time you will become happier, and your life will become more enjoyable.