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what is cbt

CBT – What is it & How Effective is it?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or CBT for short, is a talking therapy that can help you understand how your thought processes (Cognitive) effects what you do (Behaviour).

When you are anxious, you will have a worrying or irrational thought, that thought may or may not be true, but nevertheless this thought will effect what you do next.

If you are about to go for an interview for instance, you may worry that the interviewer won’t like you, you’ll forget what to say and you will mess up, you will then start to feel anxious, start to sweat, feel sick and your confidence might take a nose dive, then of course you won’t be able to give the best interview you expected as you were too nervous.

You may then be angry at yourself for making a mess of things, start to feel distressed and worry you’ll do the same again the next time you go for an interview. This may all add to other irrational thoughts you have causing you to be even more anxious & stressed about most things that happen in your life. It’s why CBT is the recommended form of therapy, to help you start addressing your cognitive distortions.

When you begin a programme of CBT the Therapist will help you separate your thoughts, your feelings that accompany these thoughts and what you do as a result of these thoughts & feelings. You will then learn how to challenge any unhelpful, irrational thoughts & to start to replace them with more helpful, rational & positive thoughts.

Over time as you practice the CBT techniques you will be able to manage & control any negative, irrational thought as it pops into your head, helping you to have a higher level of confidence, calmness and control in your life again.

CBT is a fabulous therapy, and practiced well & consistently will have an amazing, positive effect on your life.

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