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Bulimia Eating Disorder


Bulimia is an eating disorder in which a person eats a large amount of food in a small amount of time and then vomits or takes laxatives to get it out of their body.

If you are struggling with Bulimia you will be anxious about your body shape and your weight and therefore go to extreme lengths to avoid weight gain.

Signs of Bulimia are:

- Eating a large amount of food in a small amount of time
- Feeling ashamed afterwards
- Being sick after eating
- Obsession with weight and body shape
- Excessive exercise
- Using diet pills or diuretics

Bulimia can have a serious affect on a person's body:

- Swollen salivary glands
- Damage to the esophogael wall
- Inflamed esophagus
- Reflux issues
- Dehydration
- Hypokalemia
- Arrhythmia
- Peptic ulser
- Constipation
- Reduced nutrient levels incl. potassium and soldium
- Irregular periods
- Tooth enamel erosion and cavities
- Gum disease
- Acne
- Stomach cramps

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