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Bereavement Counselling & Grief Therapy

Bereavement and grief is a natural response to any form of loss.
Some people can manage their grief all on their own, or with the support of loved ones but for many more it can be extremely painful.
Bereavement Counselling
If you think you are starting to struggle, you may feel that we can help you cope better through this difficult time. Simply call us on 01482 750405 or click here to book a callback for a free no obligation consultation with a qualified therapist.

What Is Bereavement & Grief?

Bereavement & Grief is the emotional distress caused when a loved one, a pet or something else such as a relationship or friendship, or a job, that you love is taken away.
Everyone experiences loss in different ways and there is no set time limit to grieving.
Although everyone deals with loss in different ways, there is always a natural process to go through, and emotions to process.
You cannot control your response to the grieving process and the feelings and emotions may at times be very strong and hard to cope with, but with support you will heal over time. - Shock
- Feeling Numb
- Denial
- Crying
- Emotional Outbursts
- Anger
- Fear
- Looking for answers
- Wanting to be alone
- Being disorganised
- Panic
- Hate
- Anger
- Guilt
- Depression
- Lonliness
- Hostility
- Resentment
- Apathy
- Renewed Inner strength
- Hope
- Acceptance of your loss
- Recovery
- Struggling to talk about the loss
- Feeling depressed
- Suffering with fatigue
- Doing high risk or dangerous things
- Acting in a destructive manner
- Can’t stop crying
- Muscular tension
- Full of despair
- Blaming others for the loss
- Fighting with friends and family
- Loss of appetite
- Dramatic changes in weight
- Higher blood pressure
- Feeling helpless
- Becoming withdrawn
- Not wanting to leave home
- Stealing things from others
- More susceptible to illness
- Seeking solitude/spurning company
- Overwhelming guilt
- Feelings of anger and aggression
- Stop looking after yourself
- Unable to concentrate
- Inability to talk about the death
- Disturbance of sleep
- Substance abuse
- Acting like the person who died
- Apathy regarding activities or future
Grief can be caused by many things both physical and emotional. Here is a list of some of this events in your life that can trigger the grieving process: - Losing your financial security
- Change in living conditions
- Losing your job
- Loss of trust
- Starting retirement
- Changes in health
- New position at work
- Seperation & Divorce
- Loss of libido
- Death of a loved one
- Breakup of a friendship
- Pregnancy or having a baby
- Death of a pet
- Change in your way of life
- Falling out with family members
- Not achieving a personal goal
- Children leaving home
- Changing your job
- Losing your home
- Changing schools or college
- Losing your business
- Personal injury
- Miscarriage
- Being Imprisoned
Here are some tips to help you cope during this difficult time: - Expect for strong feelings to occur
- Avoid depressants such as alcohol
- Plan out your day/s in advance
- Try to keep a daily routine.
- Keep up your hobbies
- Keep your mind occupied
- Keep caffeine down to a minimum
- Get help with the household tasks
- Take every opportunity to talk
- Share with people who knew them
- Do not make large decisions
- Talk about memories
- Do not act on impulse
- If you need help, ask for it
- Do not take too much on
- Do not feel guilty for better days
- Do not feel guilty for not feeling sad
- Be prepared for any questions
- Take time for yourself when needed
- Get enough sleep
- Eat a well-balanced diet
- Exercise regularly
- Take on day at a time
- Try not to fall out with people

How We Can Help

Bereavement counselling will help navigate you through the stages of grief, slowly and gently, listening and supporting you throughout each stage as you start the process of healing.
We will support you through your Bereavement and help with any problems you bring to each session, no matter how small.

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