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Anger Vs An Anger Problem

Anger is a normal emotion that we feel at times and doesn't have a big impact on your life. Anger is a problem when it is not managed, controlled properly and causes harm to you [both physical and mental], property [destructive behaviour] and other people. What Is Anger? It is healthy as long as it doesn’t happen regularly, is short-lived, controlled appropriately and does not affect anyone. Anger is triggered as part of your ‘fight or flight’ response to perceived threats, direct attacks, being unfairly treated or deceived. This can range from relationship issues like arguments & jealousy to road rage. When Is Anger A Problem? Anger problems often start in childhood and take many years to develop. Many people have struggled with Anger for so long they don't realise the severity of their anger and how often they get angry. You should consider contacting us for help when you anger is triggered quickly and too often and the episodes are unwarranted.