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Anger Statistics

Here are some statistics help to put your anger disorder into perspective and help understand how you behave when you are angry.

From Mental Health Organisation: Boiling Point Report

  • 30% have a close friend or family member who has trouble controlling their anger.
  • 10% have trouble controlling their own anger.
  • 25% worry about how angry they sometimes feel.
  • 20% have ended a relationship or friendship with someone because of their anger.
  • 60% agree that people in general are getting angrier.
  • Less than 15% have sought help for their anger problems.
  • 50% of people don’t know where to seek help.
  • 80% agree that people should be encouraged to seek help with anger.
  • 45% of us regularly lose our temper at work.
  • 27% of nurses have been attacked at work.
  • 5% of us has had a fight with the neighbours.
  • 80% of drivers say they have been involved in road rage incidents.
  • 25% of drivers have committed an act of road rage themselves.
  • 50% of us have over-reacted to computer problems with anger.