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Anger Iceberg Post

Anger Iceberg

Just like humans, icebergs come in all shapes and sizes. And just like human emotions, what you see on the surface doesnt show the emotions hidden away. In face ninety percent of an iceberg is below the waterline. The Anger Iceberg highlights that even though the emotion that surfaces is anger, there are many deeper emotions, memories and self-doubt issues that are hidden underneath that manifest as anger.

Deeper Emotions include:

- Embarassed
- Annoyed
- Offended
- Disgusted
- Attacked
- Rejected
- Scared
- Shame
- Guilt
- Lonliness
- Overwhelmed
- Unhappy
- Anxious
- Insecure
- Hurt
- Nervous
- Trapped
- Disrespected
- Helpless
- Jealous
- Sad
- Frustrated
- Regret
- Worried
Anger Iceberg