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Are you Addicted

Are you Addicted?

If you’ve been feeling pretty low, depressed or anxious recently, you may have started to drink or smoke more, started to gamble or shop online, take drugs, have more sex or even throw yourself into work more. All of these behaviours can create a ‘high’ that can temporarily ‘fix’ the low.

That high feeling might not last but it helped for a time, so you will seek that behaviour out the next time you need that quick adrenaline rush, to take you away from feeling so down.

You believe you can control it, but as the high feels good, you will chase that feeling more often, until you can’t control the compulsion. You now have an addiction to that behaviour, a behaviour that is now becoming harmful to you. When you try to stop the addiction, you will experience a ‘come down’ which can be so unpleasant, you give in, taking what you crave, and so the cycle continues.

So how do we treat your addiction?

For the more serious addictions like drug our alcohol, these require more deeper, specialist intervention like a drug or alcohol programme at a rehab facility. For less severe addictions, entering into therapy is quite possibly the best way as this will not only help you get to the root cause of your depression & anxiety that created the addiction in the first place, but also help you find strategies & techniques to manage & control your compulsive behaviours to keep your addiction at bay.

Don’t just live with the addiction as it will ruin you life as it quite possibly is doing already, resolve to beat it & seek help today.

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