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Counselling For Children's Anger

6 Signs Your Child’s Anger Is A Concern

When children are upset or can’t get what they want, they tend to have a general temper tantrum, it is all part of them growing up & testing boundaries.
However, if these outbursts are becoming too regular, and this is added to other negative & concerning behaviours then your child has an anger issue that will need addressing before it gets worse.
Signs to look out for & start to seek help
  • If the angry behaviour is becoming more frequent
  • If the angry behaviour is becoming violent, lashing or kicking out at things & people
  • If they are getting into trouble at home or school more frequently
  • If they are deliberately breaking their own toys or those of their siblings & friends
  • If you feel they are at harm to themselves or other people
  • If they are becoming distressed & hate themselves for behaving this way

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