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Signs Of An Alcohol Problem

20 Signs Of An Alcohol Problem

If you, or someone you know, can say yes to more than 3 of these, you seriously need to seek help for you or for them. Our Addiction Counselling can help. Our therapists are trained to treat addiction and can help anyone break the alcohol addiction that is fast destroying your life.

  • Having a drink of alcohol is on your mind every day
  • You have a bottle of wine or 6 bottles/cans of beer every day
  • You start to make excuses to have a drink, it’s been a long day or you’re stressed
  • You go out more than once a week & those times have to involve drink
  • Once you start drinking, you can’t seem to stop
  • You secretly drink at home or at work
  • You’ve risked driving whilst under the influence of alcohol
  • You wake up most mornings with a hangover after drinking
  • You wake up most mornings with no hangover after drinking
  • You can’t remember what you did the night before after a night of drinking
  • You’ve tried to stop drinking, but find it difficult
  • You’re anxious when you find you’ve ran out of alcohol at home
  • You can’t pass a shop without buying alcohol
  • You become argumentative & abusive when you drink
  • You’ve regularly rang in sick & been late for work after a night of drinking
  • You’re effectiveness at work has suffered as a result of drinking
  • People are concerned about your drinking & comment on it most times
  • You’ve lost relationships, family & friends because of your drinking
  • You’ve lost all interest in your life & personal self care
  • You feel anxious, stressed & depressed with & without drink