Therapy For Depression

Therapy For Depression

Using tried and tested therapy techniques I will help you lose the persistent sad, low feelings of depression. I have helped hundreds of people start to feel motivated & interested in life again.
Working 1-2-1 in a safe, private and confidential environment we will deal with your feelings in a compassionate way to get you feeling better. ​After each session the fog will begin to lift & ​the light will begin to shine in your life again.​

Why You Should Book Your Free Consultation:

  • Discover the underlying causes of your depression.
  • Find out what triggers your emotions.
  • Work on your negative and pessimistic thinking.
  • Feel listened to and supported.
  • Sleep better, eat healthier & take care of yourself.
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Signs of Depression:

 Constantly Feeling Sad

 Feeling Anxious Or Hopeless

 Irritability & Restlessness

 Lose Interest In Activities

 Lack Of Concentration

 Low Energy & Fatigue

 Sleep Problems

 Pessimism, Negative Thinking

 Loss Of Appetite

 Suicidal Thoughts

 Self Harming

Available Programmes

6 Sessions
per session
Free 30 Minute Consultation
General Counselling
Cancellation Policy
Fortnight/Monthly Sessions
Optional Pay Plan
Homework Tasks
Life Coaching
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12 Sessions
per session
CBT Techniques (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
NLP Techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Unlimited Email Support
In Depth ‘Timeline of your Life’ Session
In Depth Discovery Homework Tasks
1 x 2 Hour ‘Power Lunch Sessions’
Personal Goal Setting Programme
‘Your Life as it Happens’ Discovery Journal
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16 Sessions
per session
2 x 2 Hour ‘Power Lunch Sessions’
Priority ‘Peak Time’ Bookings
Emergency Short Notice Appointments
Discover your Destiny Angel Card Reading
Numerology Life Plan Reading
Optional 1 or 2 Hour Power Sessions
Skype & Telephone Sessions
Access To Monthly Empowering Group Sessions
50% Off Workshops/Seminars
Discounted Maintenance Programme
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How I Can Help You
Hi, I'm Mandi.
I'm a Personal Development Therapist & Life Coach with over 20 Years experience helping hundreds of people achieve the changes they want to in their lives through a mix of Therapy, Counselling, CBT, NLP, Psychotherapy & Life Coaching.
Over the years I've developed many specialist techniques that are perfect for helping anyone who is experiencing difficulties in their lives. These techniques have proven to be very effective.
What's more, instead of feeling overwhelmed, you will remember these techniques and use them effectively, saving you years of upset and stress.
So stop worrying! From the first time we meet, at your free consultation session, I will make you feel at ease and give you hope for a happier future.
I will always give you 100% effort to help you find a more fulfilled, comfortable and brighter future for yourself.
I look forward to helping you very soon! Get in touch today.
Whats Happening

They say the secret to happiness is giving, so today do something nice at random for someone else.. but don't forget yourself too. Have a lovely giving saturday everyone 😍

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I dare you not to shed at least one tear... for proudness #inspirational #yourock 😀😍🥂 ...

Madeline was born with Down syndrome... Now she's proving to the world that her disability could never stop her from achieving all her dreams ❤️ Just look at her career choice today! 😮 😮 😮

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