A New Beginning Recommendations

Therapy For Obsession
Christine from Hull

I made an appointment with Mandi to try and resolve my obsession with worrying (nearly always concerning the same area(s).It seemed to be a case of me always visualising the worst would happen. With the help of Mandi I was able to look at the situation in a different more positive and accurate way. My fears always took hold whenever I was within a social situation or meeting at work, and I found myself becoming addicted to prescription pills and antidepressants to get by in those situations. Mandi was always kind and non judgemental and supplied me with some valuable tools to help me with recovery. With Mandi's guidance, I now do daily meditation or hypnotherapy (with CD), along with training my subconscious into thinking much healthier, happier and accurate thoughts. Along with the use of visualisation and deep breathing ( if stressed). I'm now happier than ever. I have now successfully reduced my medication with view to discontinuing completely. Considering I have taken antidepressants for over 20 years, I feel this has been a true feat. I would highly recommend Mandi as she is kind, caring and informative as well as a true professional.

Therapy For Smoking
Ruth from Hull

Thanks to Mandi, I am now well into my fourth week of not smoking all from one hypnotherapy session with her. Needless to say I me and my family are delighted. Apart from being a really lovely lady - she genuinely cares and wants to help. She is a great counselor. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone trying to quit smoking.

Therapy For Anxiety
Jacqi from Hull

With a dream holiday to Mexico booked and paid for...I suddenly developed a massive and irrational fear of Iguanas - probably after seeing lots of photos of them around the resort. I have never had a fear/phobia before so the whole thing was new to me. I could not even look at photos of them without crying - it was that bad I was even considering cancelling the holiday. A friend recommended Mandi which was the turning point. After only two sessions of hypnotherapy I can quite happily flick through the photos without flinching. I even visited the reptile house after my last session - something which I could not even have imagined two weeks before. Mandi is such a friendly and professional lady and makes you feel at ease the minute you step through the door. She explains everything and the whole experience is amazing. I cannot thank her enough!

Therapy For Anxiety
Chris C from Hull

After an illness in summer left me with anxiety attacks when facing food I gave Mandy a call for some hypnotherapy. I was a bit sceptical at first but thought I will give it a try. I booked in for 4 sessions and all I can say is its one of the the best experiences ever, the anxiety has gone and I have more confidence and motivation than ever would highly recommend hypnotherapy to anyone.

Therapy For Self Confidence
Gary from Hull

So, 6 months ago I finished a 1-year journey with Mandi at New Beginnings. I was a big decision so big I told no one to contact Mandi and at the first contact I knew I was going to be in safe hands. I had got myself into a real tiswas of thoughts that were actually doing me more harm rather than helping as I thought they were doing. After one meeting I embarked on a journey with Mandi guiding me, I left all preconceptions and threw myself into everything Mandi suggested. So the first part was CBT, I knew about it but honestly thought "really!" and the amazing thing is I still use elements of it even now some 17 months later and feel fantastic for it. So that worked so well I decided to tackle the issue I have had since school SELF CONFIDENCE I couldn't strike up conversations with people I didn't know or would actively avoid new social situations so I entered into the second phase of sessions. These sessions were hypnotherapy and honestly id hear the start and then id wake up feeling rested and no different BUT from the start I’d be speaking and id realised I was doing the things that I absolutely hated, you know like meeting people on the train and getting to my destination and finding id been speaking to the stranger next to me all the 2 hours of the journey when I only used to do the 1 word answer and close the conversation down thing, during the treatment I was asked if I wanted to go on a “workshop” I was shocked to hear coming out of my mouth Yes no problem and wow I got there and instead of sitting at the table alone eating my lunch and going back to the training room like id normally did I sat on the table with the most people and was asked to return to the meeting room as it was time. During the time I was receiving treatment from Mandi I began to talk to friends about it and everyone were supportive and even found one of my closest friends had also been to counseling but never told me. To sum it all up would I do it again YES without a doubt and finally has it improved my life 100% YES and I still use the techniques I learnt with Mandi everyday.

Counselling Therapy
Steve L from Hull

I had counselling with Mandi over a period of time of which Mandi herself is a very warm caring lovely lady and very easy to talk to she put you at ease and. Helps you to relax in any given situation I know in the futre if I need any counselling at all I would have no hesitation to contact Mandi again I can say hand on my heart that I'm glad I meet Mandi and to the fact she help me in so many ways so if anybody thinking of using a councellor I can fully recommend Mandi A very professional lady in her job and you can see not only is she good at the coucelling but you can also see and feel the warmth that she sends out too you in each session