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Hi, I’m Mandi, a highly respected & highly qualified Therapist & Life Coach with over 20 years experience.
I can help you achieve your goal of a changed, happier, more fulfilled life.
Together we work towards positive change with me supporting & guiding you through motivating-charged sessions.
I also work for ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show as a Aftercare Therapist & Life Coach.
Just call me on 07717 210 969, live chat or fill out a form to talk about how we can achieve your goals.
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About Me
Hi, I'm Mandi.
I begun my life, the youngest of 4 children living on a housing estate and growing up happy and loved but not knowing where my life would lead. I had no great ambitions, I just wanted to do well in life, have a job, a family and live happily. I did achieve all of that, I’m in a lovely relationship and a 21 year old son to be proud of. Job-wise I started off as office junior, working my way up to Director & Professors, P.A., but I knew that was all I would do in life if I stayed doing that. I started to want something more… and so my ‘better life’ began. I worked out what I did best, what I enjoyed and opened myself up to a new challenges and changes.
Over 6 years I trained to become a Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Life Coach, gaining other professional qualifications in CBT, NLP. Psychology, Couples Therapy, Relationship Therapy, Anger Management, Eating Disorders, OCT, Supervision and Hypnotherapy. I have been a long standing member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy), The Life Coaching Directory and Hypnotherapy Register. Over 8 years ago I also proudly joined the Aftercare Team of ITV’s The Jeremy Kyle Show.
I have been in private practice for 15 years and helped hundreds of young people, couples and individuals explore their problems, realise their dreams, set their goals and help empower them to make changes in their lives to achieve them and to feel happier and fulfilled, living the kind of life they’ve always dreamed of.
Whats Happening

On the 11th day of Christmas I send to you, a positive thought & uplifting one too... I hear so many times "I hate still being single" (esp this time of year). Then I ask "what do you do to try & meet someone"... "well nothing really" is the usual response. Or if they do go out, go on a dating website, then they give up after a few dates. Ok we all know there are some dating horror stories out there but that's for another post lol.

If you really want to meet me or Mrs right, then here are a few tips.

*Don't see every date as potential marriage material, you're going too deep too quickly. Of course you need to fancy them first that's a given but go on a few dates with them to assess their personality. Ditch the rude, swearing, can't be bothered to turn up on time ones, they're not worth the effort.

*Get yourself out more. You won't meet anyone sat at home. Arrange nights out on the town with friends, not just a table in the corner of your local. Join a club or class to meet like minded people.

*Ask yourself where you are on the friendly face/chatty monitor. Zero being not at all 10 being super friendly. If you can improve then do it. If you give off an unfriendly air you will put people off.

*Same with general appearance, if you need to do more on the personal grooming side then do it.

*Above all stop thinking you're old, ugly, boring, never going to meet anyone. If you think this way then psychologically this effects the vibe you give off. If you believe you're fun, attractive & will meet someone soon.. chances are you will....Happy 12th December x 😊🌲

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On the 10th day of Christmas I send to you, a positive thought & uplifting one too... Do you struggle every year with what to buy friends for xmas, not only do you worry about the cost, if your honest you're also fed up with the same old, same old you receive back! Bathsalts anyone?!

We all know it's about the giving & not receiving but it does leave you feeling fed up when you put your effort, time & money shopping for, wrapping & chasing around dropping pressies off when sometimes you just feel was it worth all that effort.

Maybe your friends are thinking the same thing. So why not come up with the brilliant idea of doing a secret santa. Get together with a group of friends, go out for lunch, tea or few drinks at home. Then you all bring one present to the value of say £10, put it in a santa sack, then one by one have a lucky dip. Watch as you all turn into excited 10yr olds. 😀

So just one present to buy, no chasing about doing the mad drop offs. Just lots of laughter with fab friends who are as relieved as you they will have fuller purses this year too.. and next year & the next as you'll want to do this again for sure. Happy 10th December x 😊🌲

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