What happens when I come to a session?

At the beginning of each session you will be offered refreshments, this will allow you to settle into the session so that you feel comfortable and relaxed. We want you to feel comfortable so you will notice the​non-clinical environment. You will relax on comfortable chairs and be able to take in the pleasant cosy room environment and pleasant garden surroundings outside.

What happens during a therapy session?

During the session your therapist will help you talk about how you are feeling and about your specific problem or issues and how this is effecting your life. Please don't worry if your not a talker or not sure where to start. Your therapist will help you say what is on your mind by asking you a few general questions first, this will help you feel more at ease and get you started. You won't feel rushed or pushed into talking about anything you don't want to. The session will be held at your pace and you will be able to talk about what you want to. You will be listened to and you won't be judged, we are here to help and support you.

Don't worry if you feel your are talking too much, waffling on or going off at a tangent. It really is okay. This is probably the first time you may have felt free and comfortable enough to talk about how you feel, for it to all come tumbling out is normal and healthy. It's a great start.

You will soon begin to set goals, and begin focussing on a particular problem that you are facing. Throughout the session you will learn skills to combat the problem.

What happens at the end of a session?

At the end of the session your counsellor will summarise for you what you have brought to the session, helping you identify the main problems you are experiencing with your addictions and any underlying issues too. From there you will both formulate a plan of action, to look at the problems identified in greater depth and to begin working on some tools to help you cope better, some of this could already have begun during the session.

​You should leave the session feeling happier and focussed, having just shared your worries and feelings with someone who cares and understands what you are going through.

What happens in further sessions?

At the beginning of each further session you will be encouraged to talk about your thoughts or progress since the last session. You will then continue with the issues you still need to unravel. You will always be working towards your goals.

What happens in-between sessions?

Here at A New Beginning, we believe YOU are important and we want you to work on YOU outside of the sessions, to encourage self-development. You will be encouraged to do a little 'homework'. This is never much but it will always be based on your problems and always related to yourself. It is one of the main tools of counselling we offer, we encourage you to identify certain aspects, thoughts and feelings about you, then we will show you how to work with these to begin making changes.

How many sessions will I need?

Here at A New Beginning we require a 'client committed approach' to all our therapies. If you want to feel happier, stronger, empowered and more in control of your life, you cannot do this in just a few sessions, after all that is only 2-3 hours! Our therapy is effective and solution focussed and requires you to attend at least 6-12 sessions. You will begin to feel better and happier from the first session, as you are beginning to take control of your problems, then over the sessions, as you work through your problems fully and learn the specialist techniques we will teach you, you will then learn how to take full control of your life again.

When will I know I will be ready to leave therapy?

When you feel more settled, happy within yourself, feel confident, empowered and in control of your problems, then you will be then ready to end therapy.

What happens if I feel I have slipped back, can I come back?

Of course. Sometimes people do have a 'wobble' and that is okay, it's not a failure, it's normal and it happens from time to time. Just call us and we will book you in for a session or two to help put you back on track.