Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In Hull

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In Hull

Whatever your problem is, dont worry we can soon get it sorted out so you start to feel better very quickly.
I am a highly experienced, understanding and qualified cognitive behavioral therapist [CBT as some people know it]. The experience is relaxing, positive and friendly. It is safe and confidential. There is nothing at all to worry about.

Why You Should Book Your Free Consultation:

  • Become More Rational
  • Learn To Control The Way You Think
  • Change The Way You Feel About Yourself
  • Be Calmer and Feel More Relaxed
  • Have A More Positive Outlook On Life
  • Manage How You Feel & Act
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The treatment helps you understand the patterns of your thoughts and behaviors so you can change the way you feel and act. Together we work through short term goals and resolve any issues in the long term.
CBT Can Treat:
 Panic Attacks
 Eating Disorders
 Substance Abuse
 Sleep Problems
 Anger Management
 Criminal Behaviour
 Stress Conditions
 Chronic Fatigue
 Hormonal Conditions
 Personality Traits
CBT Program
12 Sessions - Over 24 Weeks
per week
Understand the patterns of your thoughts and behaviors so you can change the way you feel and act.
Personalised Programme
Weekly or Monthly Sessions
Flexible Appointments
Priority-Time Session Bookings
Guided Imagery To Intensify Positive Changes
Confidential, Relaxing Sessions
Calming, Private Environment
Motivational Email Support
Personal Homework Assignments
Email, Skype or Telephone Support
Optional Easy Payment Plan
Calming, Private Environment
Learn Techniques
Face-Face Sessions
Professional, Qualified, Friendly Therapist
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How I Can Help You
Hi I'm Mandi, a Personal Development Lifestyle Coach and Therapist with Over 20 Years Experience helping people achieve their goals and to enjoy a better and happier life.
My Professional experience began over 20 years ago when I begun a 4 year training course with Relate and then achieving a 2 year Diploma course in Therapeutic Counselling at Hull College, as well as working as a volunteer counsellor for Survivors (Hull).
I begun seeing clients on a private basis over 15 years ago which was when 'A New Beginning Therapies' was born. A New Beginning has gone from strength to strength and is now a successful, thriving therapy business.  Clients who receive some professional and private help with their problems and wish to change their lives for the better, come to see me as they know I can help them, and I do.  I have worked with not only privately referred clients, but also many businesses including Hull University, Humberside Fire & Rescue Service, Arco, KWL, the NHS, Hull City Council, Schools & Colleges & some smaller businesses in the Hull & East Riding region.  I offer (EAP's) Employee Assistance Programmes to help support your staff with their mental health & well being, as well as offering 1-1 or In-House Training Courses.
Helping clients change their lives and achieve their goals is my biggest challenge & inspiration. Change, commitment & determination isn't easy, but when my clients achieve this, I feel proud of each & every one of them.
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30 Mins Free, No Obligation Consultation
4 Sessions of General Counselling (for a smaller issue)
6 Sessions of Therapy & Life Coaching
12 Sessions of More In Depth Therapy & Life Coaching (£150 off)