Anger Management Therapy In Hull

Anger Management Therapy in Hull

Start to work on combatting your self destructive, negative, irritable, aggressive behaviour TODAY with my anger management therapy & counselling services I provide in Hull.  
I will teach you to manage your emotions better, so that you can still keep your family, your job & your sanity.
Together we will uncover the underlying causes of your irritability, low mood and temper and help you to start to think and behave in a more calmer way.

Why You Should Book Your Free Consultation:

  • You Will Feel Change Straight Away
  • I Am BACP Fully Qualified
  • 20 Years Therapy Experience
  • With You Every Step Of The Way
  • 1-2-1 Confidential & Safe
  • Empathy & Understanding
  • I Teach You Tools To Cope
I am also a Professional Therapist & Life Coach for ITV's The Jeremy Kyle Show. If the show can trust Mandi to unravel & help the Show's guests, then so can you!
Click here to book a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation.  
My Therapy Can Help:
 Control Your Anger
 Deal With Angry Thoughts
 Help Your Behaviour
 Reduce Frustrated Feelings
 Understand How Anger Starts
 Anger Management Techniques
 Feel Calm & In Control again
 Combat Road Rage
 Change Abusive Behaviour
By learning new CBT, NLP and Anger Management techniques you can learn how to channel your anger in more productive ways, and become a calmer, much nicer and happier person to be around.
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Available Programmes
4 Sessions
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Free 30 Minute Consultation
General Counselling
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Weekly Sessions
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6 Sessions
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Fortnight/Monthly Sessions
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Homework Tasks
Life Coaching
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12 Sessions
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CBT Techniques (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)
NLP Techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Unlimited Email Support
In Depth ‘Timeline of your Life’ Session
In Depth Discovery Homework Tasks
1 x 2 Hour ‘Power Lunch Sessions’
Personal Goal Setting Programme
‘Your Life as it Happens’ Discovery Journal
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16 Sessions
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2 x 2 Hour ‘Power Lunch Sessions’
Priority ‘Peak Time’ Bookings
Emergency Short Notice Appointments
Discover your Destiny Angel Card Reading
Numerology Life Plan Reading
Optional 1 or 2 Hour Power Sessions
Skype & Telephone Sessions
Access To Monthly Empowering Group Sessions
50% Off Workshops/Seminars
Discounted Maintenance Programme
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How I Can Help You
Hi, I'm Mandi.
I'm a Personal Development Therapist & Life Coach with over 20 Years experience helping hundreds of people achieve the changes they want to in their lives through a mix of Therapy, Counselling, CBT, NLP, Psychotherapy & Life Coaching.
Over the years I've developed many specialist techniques that are perfect for helping anyone who is experiencing difficulties in their lives. These techniques have proven to be very effective.
What's more, instead of feeling overwhelmed, you will remember these techniques and use them effectively, saving you years of upset and stress.
So stop worrying! From the first time we meet, at your free consultation session, I will make you feel at ease and give you hope for a happier future.
I will always give you 100% effort to help you find a more fulfilled, comfortable and brighter future for yourself.
I look forward to helping you very soon! Get in touch today.
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❤ Every day is a gift! ❤ You never know what your day will bring until you open your eyes every morning. From that moment you have a choice how your day will be, will it be one full of negativity & dark clouds or will it be one of positivity & sunshine. It's all about your mindset... this is a gift many of us have. Use that gift in abundance, don't put it in the cupboard & close it away to gather dust. How will you use your gift today? Happy Wednesday 😊 ...

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This is lovely & what a great message too. I thought what was interesting is how we do pay for a magazine to read rubbish about stars who have everything, yet if we gave the cost of that one magazine to say the Homeless guy on the street, think what a difference it would make to their life. So today, see if you can give up your mag and give to the homeless instead. Put a smile on their face, and your. Let us all know who you made smile today <3 ...

Thank you to Morgan Wheeler for this beautiful story.

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