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My name is Mandi Weymes. I have been a BACP registered female therapist in Hull for over 20 years. I provide highly experienced and well recommended therapy and counselling services for all problems.

My 1-2-1 therapy is private, confidential and safe. From our first appointment I can help you to lead a more fulfilling & positive life.

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I made an appointment with Mandi to try and resolve my obsession with worrying (nearly always concerning the same areas). Mandi was always kind and non judgemental and supplied me with some valuable tools to help me with recovery. With Mandi's guidance, I now do daily meditation, therapy or psychotherapy, along with training my subconscious into thinking much healthier, happier and accurate thoughts. I'm now happier than ever. I have now successfully reduced my medication with view to discontinuing completely. Considering I have taken antidepressants for over 20 years, I feel this has been a true feat. I would highly recommend Mandi as she is kind, caring and informative as well as a true professional.

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Combat your negative thinking and unhelpful behaviours that feed your anxiety and step into a calmer, happier and more fulfilling life. Enjoy a calmer you.


Stop arguing, start communicating. Build trust, build bridges, heal the rift and bring your relationship back to the happier times once more.


Combat your self destructive, negative, irritable, aggressive behaviour TODAY. Manage your emotions better, so that you can still keep your family, your job & your sanity.


Feel happier & empowered. Take control of your emotions and banish negative self-critical thoughts and start feeling positive, motivated & confident again in your life.


Be a non-smoker for good with our successful 2 Session Stop Smoking Therapy programme. Enjoy great, improved health and your life back. No willpower necessary.


Banish the over-eating, snacking & comfort eating for good. Our exclusive Hypno-Slim weight loss programme will have you feeling fantastic & super slim.

Therapy, CBT, Counselling & Psychotherapy Services in Hull With Mandi


Mandi Weymes is a well respected, qualified and highly experienced Therapist with over 20 Years experience helping people achieve their goals and to enjoy a better and happier life. She is a Member of the Hypnotherapy Register & also works on ITV's THE JEREMY KYLE SHOW.

Her Qualifications include:

 Diploma in Counselling
 Diploma in Psychotherapy
 Diploma in Psychology
 Diploma in Hypnotherapy
 Diploma in Couple Counselling
 Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
 Diploma in Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
 Diploma in Eating Disorders
 Diploma in Anger Management
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Mandi Weymes
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Therapy, CBT, Counselling & Psychotherapy In Hull
6 Rosemount Close, Downfield Avene Hull, HU6 7XN
Tel: 01482 850550 or 07717210969
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